What do we offer?

We offer solutions in the field of:production of hazardous chemicals, trade in hazardous chemicals and use of hazardous chemicals.


  • We are in charge of the complete procedure for the acquisition of the authorisation for trade with hazardous chemicals by the Chemicals Office.
  • We prepare and revise safety data sheets in accordance with REACH and GHS and register them at the Chemicals Office.
  • We produce labels in the Slovenian language in accordance with the valid legislation.
  • We report annual quantities of hazardous chemicals to the Chemicals Office.
  • We prepare instructions for working safely with hazardous chemicals.
  • We provide training for your employees in the field of hazardous chemicals in accordance with the Chemicals Act.
  • We provide consultancy services regarding the storage of chemicals.
  • We represent companies in the event of an inspection.
  • We represent companies in administrative matters at the Chemicals office.

Who needs chemical consultants?

kemijski pribor
Legal and natural persons producing or trading with hazardous chemicals have to define one or more consultants for chemicals with at least a degree in chemistry or pharmacy and a passed course and exam on the regulations governing the manufacture and trade in chemicals. Trade with hazardous chemicals means imports (with the exception of importing for their own use if the chemical is used in the production process), the sale and any transfer to a third party.