Protecting people and the environment

Gas meters in the working environment RAE Systems

RAE Systems is a global supplier of gas detection systems, which provide safety and security. RAE Systems products are used in more than 120 countries around the world in well-known companies and governments.



  • Gas monitors
  • Wireless fixed detection
  • Multi Portable 6 – Gas monitoring
  • Fixed gas detector for toxic and combustible gas
  • Gas detector with PID and CO2


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Meters for measuring dust, noise, light and vibration in the workplace Casella

Cenjeno vodilno podjetje, ki je predan razvoju, proizvodnji in oskrbi za zdravo delovno okolje, higieno v delovnem prostoru in instrumente za monitoring okolja. Merilniki Caselle zagotovijo servis po celotnem svetu.

Casella CEL
The Casella CEL subsidiary features a variety of equipment for performing measurements in the working environment, e.g. dust meters, personal sampling pumps, digital sound level meters, noise dosimeters and colorimetric tubes.

Casella Monitor
The Casella Monitor subsidiary manufactures high quality gas analysers (NOx, SOx, CO) in the natural environment, rainfall monitors, measurement systems of the degree of pollution and automatic weather stations.

Performing measurements at the workplace

  • Noise dosimeter
  • Vibration exposure meters
  • Air sampling
  • Gas monitors


  • Handheld instruments
  • Electric sensors and systems
  • Hydrology and precipitation

Natural environment

  • Noise
  • Air quality monitoring


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Portable laser precision dust monitors in the working environment Grimm

The company Grimm has been involved in the production of manual environmental dust monitors for many years. The monitors are generated with a view to minimise maintenance, ensure low energy consumption and remote control. Grimm meters are manufactured in such a way that there is no need to change any consumables, such as filters, etc. The company’s vision is to produce instruments of minimal size, which are appropriate for daily use. This means lower costs and less frequent servicing. The monitors are made in accordance with various standards and regulations, such as: EPA regulations for dust measuring and ISO 9001, according to which the spectrometer is calibrated each year or every 18 months.

The GRIMM EDM 180 unit can be used for measuring PM, PM and PM and μg/m3, as well as the TC in p/l at the same time. The measurements for all values are provided in 60-second intervals and in combination with meteorological sensors.


  • Environmental dust monitoring
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Nanoparticle measurement
  • Filter efficiency testing
  • Generators


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Devices for packaging testing Labthink

Labthink is an international company, which is present in more than 40 countries and regions. The company is based on the knowledge, scientific research and manufacture of products with integrated IT services and is fully dedicated to professional quality, control and solving of problems in the field of food packaging, pharmaceutical products, everyday chemistry, printing, the adhesives industry, automotive industry, petrochemistry, bioscience, structures and other industries.
Labthink is dedicated to sharing excellent testing technologies and advanced IT achievements with customers around the world. Labthink instruments currently function in more than 5,000 laboratories in official institutions and well-known companies.


  • Oxygen transmission rate tester
  • Water vapour transmission rate tester
  • Expansion tester


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Bioreactors and bioreactor equipment Bioengineering

BiOENGiNEERiNG manufactures bioreactors, fermentors and components (mixers, valves, drivers etc.), which are used in the industry. Their bioreactors and fermentors can be found in laboratories and manufacturers, and work with nearly any organism and cultivation process to deliver the most accurate and consistent results, which guarantee success.

The company is divided into: BioEngineering, BioControl and BioEquipment. These three divisions provide clear and complete solutions regarding sterility for process engineering, control processes and component selection.

Bioengineering has demonstrated its competence in engineering and manufacturing according to the FDA standards.

Bioreactors and fermentors

  • R’ALF Plus
  • KLF
  • L1523
  • Custom-made fermentors
  • Software BiOSCADA


  • CIP Mobile
  • CIP Valve
  • RotaCIP
  • Sampling Valve
  • Tank Bottom Valve
  • Drives
  • Cup-Hermann: Powder Transfer System
  • Bayonet Sight Glasses

Inversina Tumbler Mixer
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Weather stations Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments is a Californian company with 30 years of experience in the development of special instruments for use in extreme weather conditions and in the marine and automotive industries. Davis Instruments primarily focuses on practical solutions for real environmental problems.

In the field of weather stations, the company offers measuring stations for different purposes, for example: education, home, industry and agriculture.

They are distinguished by their elegance, simplicity and flexibility with a high degree of accuracy and reliability, even in the most inclement conditions.

They offer professional wired and wireless weather stations for official weather reporting, home use, educational purposes and more – inexpensive and high-quality.


  • Stations
  • Sensors
  • Manual weather products
  • Weather reporting software


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Flue gas analysers and analysing equipment – intended for chimney sweeps Kane

Kane has been active since 1963 and has a long tradition in the manufacture and production of portable equipment for testing emissions. All the products are high quality and certified according to national standards. Their clients come from the heating, automotive and electrical industry.
Specific competences of the company are:

  • Electrochemical sensors
  • IR benches
  • Data logging
  • Low power electronics;
  • Portable battery powered equipment


  • CO and CO2 analysers
  • Automotive
  • Electrical test meters
  • Emissions monitors
  • Liquid fuels analysers (fluid gas)
  • Gas emissions detectors
  • Pressure gauges
  • Probes
  • Thermometers


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