Water quality measurements

Water quality meters Aquaread

Aquaread is a British manufacturer of equipment for multi-parameter water quality testing. The British company is designed specifically for the development and manufacture of a variety of high-quality analytical and processing equipment for use in laboratories and in the environment. All AQUAREAD™ products are designed and constructed in England in a completely controlled quality environment and in accordance with the prescribed industry standards.


Ground water measuring instruments
Surface water testing
Waste water testing

  • AP-7000 Aquaprobe™
  • AP-2000 Aquaprobe™
  • AquaPlus™
  • GPS Aquameter™
  • AquaLogger 2000™
  • AquaLogger 7000™
  • Blackbox
  • Telemetry
  • Extras
  • Parameters

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Analysers of heavy metals in water Trace2o

A modern global company, which is dedicated to offering innovative, affordable and reliable analytical equipment for laboratories. The vision of Trace2o is the development, manufacture and offer of unique solutions for environmental monitoring. They offer testing and analysis technology. Trace2o has developed a new range of high-quality instruments, enabling easier and more affordable measurement compared to traditional measurement techniques.
Heavy metals analysis
Portable instruments

  • M1000 Portable
  • HM2000 Deluxe
  • HM3000 Field Pro
  • HM4000 Soils


  • HM5000 Benchtop

Water quality monitoring

  • WQS5-series Paqua-Stat

Mobile laboratory projects

  • Land Rover 130 Mobile Lab
  • Land Rover 110 Mobile Lab
  • Trailer Laboratory

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Laboratory and industrial meters for water quality measurements Consort

Consort is a Belgian company, which manufactures electrochemical and electrophoresis equipment for research, analysis, laboratory and industrial purposes.

Consort develops a wide range of high-technology products for simple and robust field meters and sophisticated precision laboratory equipment. They manufacture well known meters and controllers for measuring pH, mV, rH2, temperature, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS, dissolved oxygen and the analysis of ions. In the field of molecular biology, Consort offers a wide range of equipment for electrophoresis, such as a high voltage power supply, horizontal and vertical apparatus, DNA sequence, writing units, UV-tables and systems for the documentation of images.


  • Bench meters
  • Portable bench meters
  • Portable meters
  • Data acquisition
  • Electrophoresis power supplies
  • UV tables
  • Gel systems
  • Controllers
  • Thermometers
  • Data-loggers
  • Electrodes

3010 – C3011
Multi-parameter analyser for pH, mV, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS and temperature.

Multi-parameter analyser for pH, mV, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Multi-parameter analyser for pH, mV, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS and temperature.


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Online water quality meters S::can

S::can is the leading company in the global technology of submersible online UV-Vis spectrometer probes, monitoring systems and software for drinking, environmental, waste and industrial water. The products are mostly used for measuring drinking water, waste water, industrial fluids and water protection.

Spectrometer probes

  • Spectroanalysers
  • Carbon analysers
  • Colour analysers
  • Multi-analysers
  • Nitrogen analysers
  • Ozone analysers
  • UV-analysers

Ion selective probes

  • Ammonium analysers eco/pro
  • Fluorine analysers

Electrochemical sensors

  • Chlorine analysers
  • pH analysers
  • Reduction analysers
  • Conductivity analysers

Optical sensors

  • Oxygen analysers
  • Salinity analysers

Terminal and software equipment
Monitoring stations
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Water level and flow meters NIVIUS

Nivus belongs to the most advanced developers, manufacturers and suppliers of measuring equipment for water and its operation extends worldwide. In the past their main objective was gaining experience in the field of ultrasonic measuring technologies and soon they introduced the first unit for ultrasonic level measurement for industrial use in the seventies. Since then they have developed various other products.

The range of products encompasses measuring units for the flow, level, pressure and quality of water. They also manufacture density and turbidity measuring units, as well as units for the acquisition, transfer and evaluation of data, which was obtained with the measurements. A comprehensive process control system with numerous special features complements the products.
Based on its knowledge about hydraulics and experience with measuring technology, the company offers useful solutions for various multi-channel systems.


  • Flow measurement 
  • Level measurement
  • Stationary and portable meters
  • GPRS data logger
  • Process controls

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Probes for river and underground water measurements and sampling equipment Waterra

Waterra was established and renewed by the hydrologist Peter Dumble in 1991. The company was the key supplier on the market and merged with the leading producer of water monitoring instruments In-Situ in 2010.

The company specializes in sampling preparation and monitoring and measuring equipment for ground and surface water. The sales programme includes: inertial, peristaltic and centrifugal pumps. They also offer passive samplers and water quality monitoring and testing equipment.


Water quality

  • TROLL® 9500 water quality instrument
  • In-Situ Logger Cable
  • Komunikacijski sistemi
  • RDO senzorji
  • Orion 5 Star Portable Meters
  • WQMP multiparameter meter
  • Waterproof water quality meters
  • Pocket testers
  • Colourimeters
  • Filters and flow cells

Ground water

  • Peristaltic and centrifugal submersible pumps
  • Bladder pumps
  • Inertial pumps


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