Flow meters

Flow meters and controllers for demanding measurement of gases, liquids and steam Sierra

sierraSierra Instruments manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for nearly every gas, liquid, or steam application. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice, and long term support. Sierra provides innovative, high quality flow meters and services to top businesses around the globe, helping them to achieve significant cost savings through increased efficiencies.

By combining the superior quality of their flow meters with a talented global network of experts, Sierra consistently delivers the best flow meter solutions to its customers.

Gas flow meters and controllers

  • Digital highly enforceable mass flows
  • Economical/OEM gas flow meters and controllers
  • Analogue gas flow sensors and controllers
  • Light industrial thermal flow sensors
  • Heavy industrial thermal gas flow sensors
  • Heavy industrial flow and level switches
  • Multivariable mass vortex flow meter
  • Volumetric vortex flow sensor 


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High precision flow meters Ritter

Ritter has been successfully working in the field of plastic engineering for 60 years. Among other products, Ritter manufactures gas flow meters made from various superior plastics, which are used world-wide in research & development laboratories as well as in industry.

These meters can be used for the volumetric measurement of even highly aggressive gases with laboratory precision.


  • Gas meters
  • Gas sampling bags
  • MilliGas counters


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Speed meters and air-liquid flow meters Systec Controls

Systec Controls is an innovative company in the field of flow measurement and environmental measuring methods. The most striking example of its activities is the development of the deltaflow integrating-pilot tube. Its special profile has introduced a new dimension of dp-measurement.

Moreover Systec Controls is an experienced partner for ultrasonic flow-measurement solutions. Clamp-on or in-line systems, filled or partially filled pipes, transparent or contaminated media, Systec Controls can offer an ultrasonic solution.

In Germany, Systec Controls is the local representation for Fuji Electric ultrasonic flow meters for closed pipes. They developed the deltawave flow meter which was designed for high-accuracy-measurements for open channels as well as closed channels. Their customers are companies involved in the measurement of liquids, gases and steam.

Their objective is the leading position on the high technology market.


  • Flow
  • Deltaflow
  • Deltaflow pitot
  • Deltafit
  • Deltawave
  • Flowcom
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Dp transmitters


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