Calibration is a set of operations, which under particular conditions sets the relationship between the values which are shown by the measuring instrument or system, or the values which are represented by the materialised dimension or reference material, and the corresponding values which are realized with the standards.


Why is calibration important?

  • To control the measuring equipment.
  • S kalibracijo dokažemo, da instrument ustrezno deluje.
  • To achieve the proper operation of the instrument.
  • To ensure quality.
  • To ensure measurement traceability. Traceability is an important parameter for ensuring quality.
  • To provide control over the errors of the measuring equipment.

Ehy choose Echo calibration laboratory?


  • accreditation of the Slovenian Accreditation for gas flow meters,
  • calibration of gas flow meters from 30mL/min–100L/min in the field and in the laboratory,
  • calibration is performed with air or various gases, according to your preferences,
  • the measured flow on the calibration certificate is given at the prescribed referential environmental conditions,
  • many years of experience in the field of calibration,
  • high professional competence, ,
  • staff with wide experience,
  • competitiveness,
  • short response time,
  • consulting,
  • support

*Calibration is performed at quality system unit within LOTRIČ Metrology Ltd., QSlab ECHO, Stari trg 37, 3210 Slovenske Konjice